Signature Woman - 15 ml Miniature Spray Perfume by Chris Adams


Presenting, first time ever a collection of the finest fragrances from the House of Chris Adams, bottled in miniatures so you can experience it wherever you go. Slip it into your stchel and set off on an adventure. The world is your oyster especially if you can keep smelling this good.

Live life in a way that only you can - with a passion for all things beautiful and pure. This is a fragrance of unadulterated lemon top notes that lead into refreshing middle notes of fruit, green and ylang ylang. The base notes of vanilla and musk leave the memory of a beautiful world lingering on your senses.

The fragrance is held in a glass vial coated with golden dust that’s then placed in a box of sand gold and earthy brown.

Fragrance notes:


MIDDLE NOTES: Fruity, Green, Lily of the valley, Ylang Ylang

BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Musk


Packaging details for bulk order

Quantity per carton: 16 dozen

Weight per carton: Approx. 18.8 kg

Carton Dimension: 37.3x28.3x40

CBM: 0.04222

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