Sara - Eau De Parfum for Women - 100ml by Orientica


Orentica EDP - 100ml - Sara

The marks of distinction may lustrously shine like a fine, polished gem set for eyes to admire. But bold and courageous is the woman who picks up perfection, to polish it. She takes the essences of sweetness upon herself, and compounds them into something sweeter than could ever be imagined. Don’t take perfection for granted, add to it your own layers with the fragrance that oozes with the syrupy sweetness of flowers, warm spices, cool, refreshing musk, and brown sugar, altogether forming a blend that can only be described as the sweetness that defines you.

Fragrance Notes:

Top note: Rose, Grenadine, Saffron

Middle note: Dry Wood, Jasmine, Amber

Base note: Vanilla, Musk, Brown Sugar

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