Royal Noire - Eau De Spray Perfume (50 ml) by Nabeel


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Celebrate the mysteries of the night, with a darkness that beckons under pale grey clouds and the silvery outlines of the moon. It's the forbidden temptations of a fragrance that calls out to you with the fruity scents of peaches and pears blended with rose and lily and the woody notes of cedarwood and musk. The cologne is bottled in the darkest shades of midnight, signifying the cosmic beauty of stars and galaxies. It is encased in a box of the same colour with a transparent case that features the glass artwork inside.

Volume: 50 ml

Spray Perfumes

Fragrance Notes

TOP NOTES: Peach, Pear, Bergamot
MIDDLE NOTES: Plum, Jasmine, Freesia, Rose, Lily
BASE NOTES: Vanilla, Cedarwood, Musk
OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Fruity - Floral - Woody

Packaging Details for bulk orders

Qty/Carton: 36 pcs
Carton Dimension: 390 x 385 x 390 mm
Carton Weight: 13.5 kg

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