Nebras - Pocket Spray (20 ml) by Al-Rehab

Khaliji by Al-Rehab is a Citrus fragrance for women and men. The fragrance features orange, citruses, amber, sandalwood, spicy notes, lemongrass, floral notes and white musk.

Genuine Al-Rehab spray perfume from UAE/Saudi Arabia. The same beautiful fragrance now available in a pocket spray version. Convenient to carry. Anytime, Anywhere.. your favorite perfume is always in your pocket!

Note that spray perfume contains denatured alcohol. Denatured refers to the removal of the ethanol product's usage as a beverage/drink and is considered halal to use by Muslims. Usuage of this spray perfume is approved by reliable scholars of Islam.

Available in a wide variety of fragrances including the following: Aroosah, Aseel, Bakhour, Khaliji, Lord, Mokhlat Al Rehab, Oudy, Rasha, Red Rose, Saat Safa, and Silver.

Eau De Perfume

Natural Spray

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