Nasaem Gift Set by Nabeel

$107.95 $179.95

Now your favorite Nasaem products in now in an updated dazzling gift box. Makes a wonderful gift for special occasions.


1. Bakhoor Burner and tong
2. Nasaem Premium Perfume Oil 15ml)
3. Bakhoor Nasaem Incense (40gm)
4. Oudh Nasaem Incense (60gms)
5. Nasaem Body Spray (150ml)
6. Nasaem Talcum Powder (100gm)
7. Nasaem Spray Perfume (50ml)
8. Nasaem Deodrant Stick (e40ml)
9. Naseam Air Freshener (e 300ml)
10. Nasem Soap

Note: Nasaem is a unisex product and suitable for both men and women.

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