Miswak Gift pack - 4 Miswaks with a Pen Shaped Holder by Al-Khair


Al-Khair Miswak GIft Pack: 4 miswaks & 1 Holder!

Natural miswak with a practical, plastic pen shaped holder. The holder is designed to:

  • Maintain optimal level of moisture
  • Keep your miswak fresh for longer periods
  • Prevent miswaks from mould
  • Keeps pockets clean
  • Easy to carry

Nature has provided us with a wonderful solution to effectively and safely maintain oral hygiene. Al-Khair Miswak is the root of the Peelu tree (Salvadora Persica) known in Arabic as Arak Research indicates that Miswak suppresses decay causing bacteria, gingivitis and plaque formation among many other benefits.
Miswak is a natural chewing stick taken from the roots of Slavadora Persica (also known as Arak Tree). The simple name of Arak Tree in Urdu is Peelu. Our Al-Khair Miswaak is used as a teeth whitener and besides teeth whitening and brushing; it also has many antibacterial benefits. In short, it provides TOTAL ORAL CARE SOLUTION. Approximately 6" inches. Vacum packed (blue).

Why use Miswak / Sewak instead of a toothbrush

Scientifically as well, it has been proven that Miswak is very good for gums maintenance and it kills bad odour, overall, it improves your taste buds and makes your teeth whiter. Research also indicates that Miswak suppresses decay-causing bacteria, gingivitis and plaque formation among many other benefits.

  1. Natural way of brushing teeth.
  2. It is an organic product.
  3. Keep you safe against all teeth diseases.
  4. Kills bad odour.
  5. Requires no toothpaste.
  6. Easy to carry around.
  7. It has no harmful side-effects.

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