Mini Bakhoor Adaari Incense by Nabeel 108gm (Box of 36 x 3gm)


Box of 36 premium quality min-bakhoors (3gm each). Individual packaged like luxurious chocolates inside a beautiful golden, ornamental box. Give as gift to someone special or for your personal pleasure.


Buy mini bakhoor Adaari incense online from the shop of nabeel perfumes. This Arabic bakhoor incense air freshener freshen you and the air which surrounds you.

Volume: 108 gms


Fragrance Notes

Top Notes : Labdanum, Indian Agar wood, Indian Sandal wood.
Middle Notes : Tonka Beans.
Base Notes : Vanilla, Amber.
Olfactive Femilies : Woody - Musky.

Packaging Details for bulk orders

Qty/Carton: 36x72 pcs.
Carton Dimension: 445x400x455 mm
Carton Weight: 15.0 kg

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