Mariah by NUVO PARFUMS - POUR FEMME (WOMEN) - 100ml Natural Spray



Eau De Toilette - Pour Femme

She passed by my side, a deep breath and a hypnotising fragrance went straight through my nose only to hit my heart. I guess it was a combination of Jasmine and orange blossom, vanilla and cederwood. A moment of though told me that could only be Mariah!

Top Notes
Peach, Apple & Lemon Animalic Notes, Clove

Middle Notes
Jasmine & Orange Blossom, Solar Ylang-Ylang, Violet & Rose, Honey

Base Notes
Cedarwood & Sandalwood Vanilla, White Musk

Olfactive Family
Floral - Orange Blossom - Woody

Packaging Details
Qty/Carton: 72 pcs
Carton Dimension: 355 x 315 x 242 mm
Carton Weight: 19.30 kg

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