Assorted Bakhoor (50gm) - Set of 6 - by Banafa for Oud

$48.60 $81
Receive set of 6 (six( Bakhoor Banafa including:

1. Bakhoor Al Khanjar

2. Bakhoor Banafa Paste

3. Bakhoor Black Oud

4. Bakhoor Ebdaa

5. Bakhoor Maslaf

6. Bakhoor Sabaya

These bakhoors from Banafa for Oud of Saudi Arabia comes in flaky/powdery form that you can scoop with spoon provided and sprinkle on a burning bakhoor charcoal or on electric bakhoor burner to give out a pleasant aroma. Weight is 50gm and comes in a glass jar. Mixture of wood chips soaked in perfumed oil and other fragrance ingredients.

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