Active Woman Noire - 80ml Natural Spray Perfume by Chris Adams


Active Woman Noire - 80ML - Eau de Parfum - Pour Femme (for Women) by Chris Adam (Platinum Collection)

The fragrance tantalizes you with its blend of cinnamon, pineapple and fruit cocktail. It is held in bottle of tinted grey glass and is slipped into a buckled pouch.

Fragrance notes:

TOP NOTES: Cinnamon, Pineapple, Fruit Cocktail

MIDDLE NOTES: Jasmine, Flowers, Sandalwood

BASE NOTES: Coconut, Patchouli, Dry Amber, Musk

OLFACTIVE FAMILY: Oriental - Woody

Packaging details for bulk order

Qty/Carton: 4 Doz

Carton Dimension: 490x360x245 mm

Carton Weight: 16.45 kg.

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