Mahasin Crystal - Deodorant Perfumed Spray (200 ml/6.67 fl.oz) by Lattafa

Mahasin Crystal Deodorant Perfumed Spray (200 ml/6.67 fl.oz) - 39% Volume

Fresh and tangy top note begins with black currant, mandarin oranges, apples and bergamot.
Jasmine, white freesia, gardenia, lily and roses form an irresistible dance by flower scents accompanied with the delicious sweetness of vanilla. The base of musk, vanilla, amber and sandalwood forms a quiet and warm setting for Mahasin Chrystal.

Top Notes: Black currant, bergamot, tangerine and apple
Middle Notes: Jasmine, freesia, gardenia and lily-of-the-valley
Base Notes: Musk, vanilla, amber and sandalwood
Key Features:

Lattafa perfumed spray is a perfume product, similar to aerosol deodorant, which is intended to be used elsewhere on the body besides the armpits. Body sprays are lighter in strength than cologne and doubles as deodorant.

How to use: Take the cap off the can.
Point the can at the part of your body you wish to spray, and hold it at least six inches away from the surface. You can hold it from farther if you want to spread out the scent.

Press down on the button as far as it goes and holds for just a second at a time. Repeating it if necessary. A good strategy for application is a quick spray to each underarm, each wrist.
You might also spray some in your hands and lightly pat your arms with it while it's still wet. This is best done with only the lightest scents.
Deodorant/antiperspirant/perfume spray can be also used as shoe odor removal or foot spray that you can spray deodorant to fresh your shoes and control your foot odor-free.

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