Turning Toward the Heart: Awakening to the Sufi Way- Forty Questions and Answers

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Turning Toward the Heart : Awakening to the Sufi Way - Forty Questions and Answers
Includes diagram of shajarahs of the Naqshbandi, Shadhili, Chishti, Qadiri and Mujaddidi Orders as well as a chart listing the sufi masters of these brotherhoods with their Dates, Places of Birth and Death.

Turning Toward the Heart poses forty questions about sufism and the Naqshbandi-Mujaddiddi path with straightforward, lucid answers by an authentic, experienced teacher, Hazrat Azad Rasool. The author contextualizes sufism within a larger sphere of spiritual transformation, making this book useful for anyone searching for a spiritual teacher, e.g., the responsibilities of a teacher and the qualities necessary for an aspirant.

It is impressive to see how the Mujaddidi teachings have been transmitted faithfully from the founder-figure Ahmad Sirhindi (d. 1624) with skillful adaptation to the modern West. In the range of topics presented, seekers, students of sufism, and scholars will find nuggets of wisdom distilled from Hazrat Azad Rasool's decades of experience working with hundreds of students from all over the world.

As Hazrat states, "The hidden power of the Self that Sufis seek to utilize is love. It is love that frees human beings from the bonds of narrow-mindedness, materialism, and selfishness." In a world driven more by fear than love, this is a very timely book.

-Arthur Buehler, Philosophy & Religious Studies, Louisiana State University

The book also contains a useful appendix in which all of the shaykhs of each lineage, their dates and the places where they lived and taught going back to the seventh century are listed. (Shadhiliyyah, Chishtiyyah, Qadiriyyah, Naqshbandiyah and Mujaddidiyyah.)

Author’s Credentials:

· B.A. in Islamic Studies and Arabic (Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, India)

· B.Ed. (Allahabad University, Allahabad, U.P., India)

· M.A. in Philosophy (Hinduism-Islam)

(Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P., India)

· Authorized teacher in five Sufi orders

“This work, in its accessible question and answer format, offers profound insights into the practical day to day aspects (practice-oriented teachings) of the master-disciple relationship, from the lips of a living master of the Naqshabandi Sufi Order.”

-from the preface by Dr. Kenneth Honerkamp, University of Georgia

“This new book is useful both as a university classroom text and as an intimate introduction to a present-day authentic Sufi master whose spiritual lineage is directly traced back along the great silsilahs (or chains) of saints belonging to five prominent Sufi orders. In his introduction, Dr. Honerkamp makes accessible to the modern reader the wisdom presented in this magnificent contribution by a great contemporary spiritual master.”

- Dr. Alan Godlas, Associate Professor of Religion and Islamic Studies, University of Georgia

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