Adhan - Correct Method and Pronunciation (CD)

Adhan - Correct Method and Pronunciation (CD)

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Adhan - Correct Method and Pronunciation
by Imam Tahir Anwar and Imam Abdurrahman Anwar

Nafi' related that 'Abdullah ibn 'Umar (ra) said: "When the Muslims arrived at Madinah, they used to assemble for salah, and used to guess the time for it. During those days, the practice of adhan for the prayers had not yet been introduced. Some people suggested the use of a bell like the Christians, others proposed a trumpet like the horn used by the Jews, but 'Umar (ra) was the first to suggest that a man should call for salah; so Allah's Messenger T ordered Bilal to get up and pronounce the adhan for salawaat."

This CD contains the rulings of the Adhan and the Iqamah as taught by the Prophet (SAW). The first part, taught by Imam Tahir Anwar, consists of studying the classical texts pertaining to the fiqh of Adhan and Iqamah. The second part, taught by Imam Abdurrahman, consists of correcting the pronunciation of the words of Adhan.

1 - Introduction & History of the Adhan - Sample 1
2 - Importance & Virtue of the Adhan
3 - Method of the Adhan & Iqamah
4 - Sunnahs of the Adhan
5 - Sunnahs of the Muadhin
6 - Response to the Adhan & Iqamah
7 - Lesson in Perfecting the Pronunciation - Sample 2