Portable Bidet (for Istinga)

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Portable Bidet (for Istinga)

Al-Rashad Portable Bidet

Personal Hygiene the Natural Way


If you've ever felt uneasy in an unfamiliar bathroom when you're away from home, Portable Bidet is perfect for you. Whether you're going on vacation or just into the office, you can take this compact portable bidet anywhere with you. It's simple and easy to use, only requiring you to fill the water reservoir and squeeze the bottle. It comes with a travel pouch for convenience.

  • Use in public toilets, during travel, at work and at home
  • Fill, Cap and Point and Squeeze
  • Improve Hygiene
  • Gently Clean and Refresh
  • Sooth Sores & Irritation
  • Appropriate hygienic water stream angle